House rules Quinta da Vista

1. Should you lack anything please let us know immediately.

2. Did something break? Can happen, please let us know by app. 

3. Always be careful with open fire, especially in summer it can be quite dry in nature.

4. Smoking is only allowed outside and with the use of an ashtray.

5. Barbecuing is only allowed on the terrace behind the house. Please always have a bucket of water ready in case something goes wrong.

6. The use of drugs and other narcotics other than alcohol is not permitted at Quinta da Vista. 

7. Use of the swimming pool is at your own risk.

8. It is not permitted to move the furniture inside.

9. Arrival from 4 pm, departure at 11 am at the latest. 

10. Rubbish can be deposited daily in the designated bins of the municipality, at the bottom of the street in the car park of Sol Nascente.

Feel at home and ENJOY !